Hibernate Search in Action. Emmanuel Bernard, John Griffin

Hibernate Search in Action

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Hibernate Search in Action Emmanuel Bernard, John Griffin ebook pdf
Publisher: Manning Publications
Language: English
Page: 490
ISBN: 1933988649, 9781933988641

Enterprise and web applications require full-featured, "Google-quality" search capabilities, but such features are notoriously difficult to implement and maintain. Hibernate Search builds on the Lucene feature set and offers an easyto- implement interface that integrates seamlessly with Hibernate-the leading data persistence solution for Java applications.

Hibernate Search in Action introduces both the principles of enterprise search and the implementation details a Java developer will need to use Hibernate Search effectively. This book blends the insights of the Hibernate Search lead developer with the practical techniques required to index and manipulate data, assemble and execute search queries, and create smart filters for better search results. Along the way, the reader masters performance-boosting concepts like using Hibernate Search in a clustered environment and integrating with the features already in your applications.

This book assumes you're a competent Java developer with some experience using Hibernate and Lucene.

About the Author

Emmanuel Bernard joined the Hibernate team in 2003 and is now the lead developer of Hibernate Annotations and Hibernate EntityManager, two key projects on top of the Hibernate core implementing the Java Persistence specification. He has also led the Hibernate Search project from its inception, reconciling the two fields. Emmanuel has been involved in ORM and Full Text search and is a regular speaker at various conferences and JUGs, including JavaOne, JBoss World, and Javapolis (Javoxx). He is also involved in the Java Community Process as a specification lead for JSR 303 (Bean Validation) and as an expert group member for JSR 317 (Java Persistence 2.0).

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